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The Protocol DAO

Discover how to navigate The Protocol DAO. You will learn how to vote using the "First Sort" and "Last Sort" sections, or collect tokens earned by your activity in the DAO. If you have just discovered The Protocol DAO, we recommend that you start by reading the Join The Protocol DAO page.

Protocol's DAO dashboard

Your main mission as a Mobuler is to secure the crypto-currency world by verifying all new tokens submitted to be added to the Mobula ecosystem. The first step is to go to your protocol DAO dashboard.
You will find different data about your activity in your dashboard.

First Sort: for Rank I and Rank II

Each time a token is submitted, you will find it in your First Sort section. By clicking on Review and Vote you will have access to all the information provided by the person who submitted the token. Your role is to review all the information on this page. Start with the description, then social media, smart-contract...etc.
Take your time, your role is crucial, don't rush. Read everything, do some research, ask yourself if this token is a scam or if all the information provided is correct. Each wrong decision on a token results in the loss of reputation points for you.
This demonstration is deliberately accelerated
don't rush the verification.
By the way, you will probably notice a timer on the right, you cannot vote until the time is up; this is part of the process to encourage you to verify the token.
Once you have done all the checks, you can now give a score to different criteria: Utility, Social, Trust and Market. The final step for you will be to Validate or Reject the token, your choice is naturally based on what you just did before.

Last Sort: only for Rank II

Once the majority of Rank I members have agreed to validate a token, the submitted tokens move to the final stage. The final stage is reserved for Rank II members (Rank II ? a quick reminder right here). As a Rank II member, you have the final say in whether to reject or validate a token, same process and criteria as for the First Sort, don't rush it.
As you can see the process is the same.
NOTES: One important thing to remember is that whether it is First sort or Last sort the final choice is always made by majority vote. We really encourage you to take a look at the Contribute Page to learn more about the difference between the Protocol DAO and the Governance DAO. There you will find the steps to join The Protocol DAO and become a Mobuler.
You know everything you need to know about The Protocol DAO. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord