Mobula Docs

Introducing Mobula

Welcome to Mobula, a decentralized & multi-chain blockchain data ecosystem.
Mobula was born from the desire to solve the problems of accessing complete, secure, and trustable blockchain data. Mobula's protocol brings much needed innovation in the crypto space by allowing access to a large majority of trustable crypto-assets data directly on-chain.
Mobula's app benefits crypto enthusiasts who can seamlessly track the assets listed on the platform, buy them in-app at the best price, track their portfolio, and more.
Mobula's ecosystem includes a set of solutions, resources, and tools for blockchain builders, such as the Mobula bot, custom widgets, APIs, etc.

Mobula's official docs:

The documents are divided into 6 different sections:
  • ⚙️ PROTOCOL: Presentation of Mobula's protocol, the center of Mobula's ecosystem.
  • 🖥 APP: Introducing Mobula's app, used to analyze and interact with Mobula's ecosystem.
  • 🏗 MOBULA FOR BUILDERS: An overview of Mobula's solutions for blockchain builders.
  • ⚖️ GOUVERNANCE: Discover Mobula's governance, open to all ecosystem members.
  • 📰 LITEPAPER: An abbreviated and concise version of the Mobula's ecosystem presentation.
  • 🗞 WHITEPAPER: A complete and detailed version of Mobula's ecosystem presentation, including Mobula's project, aim, vision, and operation. It has been created for investors. For example, you will learn about the benefits of building a decentralized data aggregator or how Mobula's two DAOs work.
You're a bit lost? Feel free to ask for some help from our community (Twitter, Telegram, Discord)