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Join The Protocol DAO

Find out how to join The Protocol DAO. You will learn more about how the selection of new protocol's DAO members works and the recruitment process.

A quick reminder

Mobula's governance has two distinct aspects: The Protocol DAO and The Governance DAO. This section is intended to give the reader an understanding of The Protocol DAO.

What is a Mobuler

At Mobula, members of The Protocol DAO are called “Mobulers” and members of The Governance DAO are called “Governors

What I do as a Mobuler

As a Mobuler you're on the front line of Mobula's ecosystem. Your role is to contribute to the aggregation of content for Mobula, first by submitting new crypto assets to be listed and secondly to verify every piece of data including the trust you place in this project, its social impact and its usefulness.
Every time you verify a new crypto and it is accepted by the majority, you receive $MOBL for your work and earn reputation points. On the other hand, if you vote for projects that the majority of people think are not trustworthy, you lose reputation points.
This score, initialized to 0, and incremented or decremented according to performance, helps the hierarchy to gauge the quality of a Rank 1 member

A simple rank system

Rank 1 members are $MOBL holders who have been selected by a Rank II council. As a member of the Rank I, like we just said before you 'Validate' or 'Reject' each listing according to the quality of the data.
2. Rank II members are at the top of the hierarchy. They are elected from among the Rank I members by the other Rank II members. They can 'Validate' or 'Reject' each request like Rank I members but they also have veto power in the Final Decision, and decide on promotions or removals of lower ranks.

What the Protocol DAO is not

Like we said in the quick introduction Mobula's ecosystem has two different DAOs: The Protocol DAO and The Governance DAO. Be part of The Protocol DAO doesn't give you access to same rights that The Governance DAO.
For example: You can't propose new proposals to vote, but as a holder you will be able to vote when a new proposal is submitted.

Join The Protocol DAO

1 - Fill out the following form:
2 - After filling out the form, a dedicated private group will be created in the Mobula Discord with some members of The Protocol DAO and yourself. You will be asked questions and quizzes to review your profile.
3 - You will get the selection result between 48 and 72 hours after the creation of the Discord group.
3 - For the candidates accepted in Protocol's DAO, every Thursday at 7pm (UTC+2), a voice call will be organized to proceed to the officialization of their status. During this call, each candidate who has been selected will be invited to recite the Mobuler's charter.

The Mobuler's charter

I, <Name or pseudo>, future member of the Mobula DAO, solemnly pledge to abide by the following commitments. My choices will never be influenced by anyone or anything. I will be completely neutral when making decisions for the DAO. My choices will always be made with the sole purpose of maintaining the integrity of the Mobula data. My choices will always be the result of long and rigorous reflection because I am aware of the weight of my responsibility for the validity of the data presented to the users of Mobula and the decentralized world, as well as the risk I will incur to the thousands of users of the platform if I am wrong. My choices will always be made with the long-term future of Mobula in mind. I will not make decisions for my own comfort or the comfort of my friends and family, but for the comfort of the thousands of generations that the Mobula DAO will survive. I absorb all of these commitments. If I don't live up to them, my bad deeds and lies will be etched in the blockchain forever. In the eyes of everyone. In the eyes of my peers, other DAO members, Mobula users and external protocols that trust Mobula. Then I will be banned for life. Long live Mobula.
You know everything you need to know to join The Protocol DAO. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord