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Introducing Mobula for builders

An overview of Mobula's solutions for blockchain builders.
Mobula's ecosystem benefits builders first and foremost, so we have built solutions to help them grow through the ecosystem. Discover the list of our solutions available for free to our partners.

Mobula bot

Mobula's bot is an ALL-IN-ONE bot for Telegram and Discord crypto communities (token, tool, agency, media, etc.)
With the Mobula bot, you can manage the moderation of your community (captcha, anti-bot, anti-spam, etc.) and provide interesting features to your community members, such as the ability to have the graph, liquidity, or price of any token directly through a command call in the group. It also allows you to incentive your community members to help you spread the word by having the ability to reward your community members directly from the Telegram & Discord community.
But it’s not all… There is 3 features who are GAME-CHANGER for our partners who got access to the bot:
1 - Leaderboard with auto-reward for community engagement: Your community members are encouraged to discuss and engage in your group. A public ranking is shared with a leaderboard, and every day, the 10 most active members are automatically rewarded with the amount and token of your choice. Just feed the dedicated wallet with the token of your choice
2 - Leaderboard with auto-reward for referral system: Your community members are encouraged to share your community link and bring in other active members. Every day, the 10 people who have brought in the most (active) members are automatically rewarded with the amount and token of your choice.
3 - Captcha system that allows the custom notification: Imagine being able to send personal notifications to every member of your community for a product update or inactivity for a certain period of time... We've made this possible with our captcha verification system that will place the Mobula Bot in open DM for every member who has verified their identity via the bot. You will be able to send them personalized messages via the Mobula Bot.

Here are the complete Mobula bot features:

Buy feeds:
  • Multi-chain: ETH, Polygon, BNB Chain & Avalanche
  • Fully customizable message with +10 metrics including buyer's bag, buyer's percentage of total offer, etc.
  • Support for custom GIFs
  • Faster than Bobby Buy Bot (streaming in high quality nodes)
  • Ability to enable sales messages as well
  • Multi-chain: ETH, Polygon, BNB Chain and Avalanche.
  • Extra-fast: less than 0.5s to get an average chart.
  • Chart liquidity, volume, price and rank of all crypto assets listed on Mobula (+4k)
Incentive for the user:
  • Generation of a public wallet for each chat where anyone can contribute funds
  • Ability to redistribute funds (tips) to users as an incentive to advertise, share or support the project with a simple order.
  • Community user engagement ranking system with automatic reward
  • Telegram user engagement ranking system with automatic reward SOON: Telegram user referral ranking system with automatic reward
  • Anti captcha system
  • Set up Rose commands and filters
  • Set up word blacklists, etc.
  • Send notification to your community members via the bot (for new features or other)

Mobula Widgets

Coming soon.
You know everything you need to know about Mobula for builders If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord