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Earn Page - Beginner tutorial

The Earn page is a fundamental part of Mobula's app. It allows many users to discover the platform every day and therefore to grow Mobula's ecosystem every day. It is also a way to help new users discover the full potential of Mobula's app, while earning rewards.
If you are having difficulties claiming your token, please go to the dedicated section: How to claim your tokens.
If you are having difficulties claiming your token, please go to the dedicated section: How to claim $MOBL tokens.

Earn Daily MOBL

On this section you can earn your daily MOBL. Start by clicking on the Day 1 if it's your first time and you will immediately receive your daily MOBL, it's as simple as that. Come back tomorrow and you will receive new MOBL.
Earn Daily MOBL
As you may have noticed, the number of MOBLs ranges from 1 MOBL on the first day to 4 MOBLs on the eighth day, but if you miss a day, you're back to the first day.
The way it works is as follows: +1 / +1 / +2 / +2 / +3 / +3 / +4 / +4

Earn MOBL by referral

Once you have connected your wallet, a referral link is created. Every time a new user is using your referral link to visit Mobula and he connects his wallet for the first time, you earn 15 MOBL. It's up to you to share your link with your friends, on your social media, everywhere.
Note that rewards will be granted if the referred user joins the platform, creates an account and claims his first MOBL tokens.
Earn MOBL with your referral link

Earn MOBL by doing missions

Always keep in an eye on the Mobula Missions section, you will find different missions to do to earn MOBL. For example, you will have to visit the page of a new listed token.
Mobula missions
As you may have guessed, the "Ongoing" tab lists the new missions and the "Participated" the missions you have participated in.

How to claim $MOBL tokens

Now that you've earned some $MOBL, you will probably want to claim them. To guarantee the integrity of Mobula against bots, we have implemented a two-step system to verify that you are not a bot. You will not be able to claim your $MOBL without these two verifications.
You can't claim your $MOBL

First Step: Mobula DEX

The first step is to make your first swap using the Mobula DEX. To do so, just go to the following page DEX and make a swap of your favorite crypto, there is no minimal amount. The validation by the system can take a few seconds.
Mobula DEX
When it's done try to claim your $MOBL and you will see that you need to verify your telegram, that's the second step.

Second Step: Verify your Telegram

The second step is to verify your Telegram account. Go to your profile page and enter your Telegram username in the appropriate field.
A code has been created
As you can see, a code specific to your account has just been generated under the field. Send this code to @MobulaBot, the verification may also take a few seconds.
Send the code to @MobulaBot on telegram
Congratulations! If you return to your earnings page, you can now claim your $MOBL.
You can claim your $MOBL! 😎
You know everything you need to know about the earn page. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord