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Request crypto-asset listing

Anyone can request a crypto-asset listing in Mobula's ecosystem. Whether it's your own crypto-asset or a crypto-asset you support, simply follow the instructions below to have the crypto-currency of your choice submitted for listing in the Mobula ecosystem. If the listing is validated by The Protocol DAO, the crypto-asset will then become part of the ecosystem and will be visible on the Mobula app.

Request crypto-assets listing

If you want to list your token go to the Add asset page. The process is very simple: Fill in the different fields carefully with all the information about the crypot-assets. The listing fee is 10 MATIC. These fees are reinjected into the Mobula protocol DAO in order to renumerate its members who verify the information of each listed token.
Add asset
The Protocol DAO will review your crypto-asset listing request and accept it if the information shared are accurate. Right after your listing request, you will be able to view the listing request on the First sort, and then on the Final validation page. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why crypto-assets listing can be refused?

It is important to note that no judgment is made on the token itself. So that your token is validated it is necessary:
  • That the links match your project
  • That all the links are valid: Website, telegram, audit...
  • The description is less than 250 character and in English
  • You have added a square image of your project

Why do some of the new crypto-assets listed not appear in the recent additions section?

If you do not find your project, it is because it has received a score lower than 2/5 for the trust given to it by the members of the DAO. You can learn more about the trust score just here.
But don't worry, even if your token receives a trust rating of less than 2/5, it can still be found using the score filters. Just look a the demo just below.
Score filters
You know everything you need to know to request crypto-assets listing If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord