Mobula Docs

Auto-request crypto-assets listing on a smart-contract

As Mobula's listing form is a smart-contract, it's possible to integrate it seamlessly in any other blockchain system, for example a decentralised launchpad. You can either integrate it directly on your smart-contract code or integrate it in your front-end logic.

Integrating in the front-end logic

To integrate Mobula listing form in a front-end, it's pretty easy. You must call the method submitIPFS on the Protocol smart-contract. The Protocol smart-contract is 0xdCF5b52f2E64C49F2E51B8D39899e4d2D63f3640 and is deployed on Polygon. Here is the ABI of this smart-contract (
There is 4 parameters to this function : address[] memory contractAddresses, address[] memory totalSupplyAddresses, address[] memory excludedCirculationAddresses, string memory ipfsHash
The contractAddresses is the list of the smart-contracts of the asset. In most of the cases, there is only one smart-contract per asset (more if cross-chain).
The totalSupplyAddresses is the list of the smart-contracts used to calculate the total supply of the asset - if the asset is only on one chain, you just need to input the smart-contract of the token (you'll input exactly the same thing as on contractAddresses). If the token is cross-chain, it depends on how the bridge is working - if it's burning and minting, you must input all the smart-contract addresses. If it's locking the tokens on the native chain and minting them on the others, you must simply input the native chain smart-contract.
The excludedCirculationAddresses are the addresses holding the token that are excluded from de circulation (or that will be at launch time)
The ipfsHash is the hash of the IPFS file you will upload containing all the meta-data about the token. Here is the format for this JSON file :
"contracts": ["0x1010101010101010101010101010101010101010"],
"name": "Example",
"symbol": "EXP",
"logo": "",
"chains": ["Ethereum"],
"twitter": "",
"description": "Here is an example of the description of the crypto-token you will query. It should be approximately this long.",
"webite": "",
"chat": "",
"audit": "",
"kyc": ""
And.. that's it. Once you have all those informations, you can call submitIPFS and the smart-contract will handle everything - even pinning the IPFS file for you.
You know everything you need to know to auto-request crypto-assets listing. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord