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Mobula Bot - Telegram

The Mobula bot is a bot available on Telegram & Discord that allows you to grow your community passively with many features. Discover the complete tutorial to use the Telegram bot.

Telegram installation:

Setup the bot:

First of all you have to be admin of the group to be able to configure the bot. Once you are admin, simply add Mobula Bot to your telegram group.
Mobula Bot is an all-in-one bot able to display charts, buy message or gif, a personalised chart message (free) and a threshold on buys... But it also has exclusive features that you will discover in this tutorial like the Reward feature and the Leaderboard feature.
Remember to use the command /help to see the different commands.

Captcha feature:

The captcha feature, already very popular with other bots, is now integrated into @MobulaBot to protect your community from bots and other nuisances.
How to setup the captcha feature ?
  • You need to copy the link of the telegram group where you want to set the captcha and set the group private.
  • Immediately, you need to create a public channel and set the public link with the link you just copy paste from your group just before.
  • Still on the channel: add the @MobulaBot and set it admin
  • Come back to the group: add the @MobulaBot and set it admin
  • Use the command /botwall and forward the response to the channel
  • On the channel: Just delete the forwarded message and you are done with the configuration

Reward feature:

The reward feature allows you to reward telegram group members when they do good deeds or contribute to the development of your project.

How to setup the reward feature ?

• Create the wallet of your telegram group with this command /setup

You need to transfer tokens

• Transfer tokens on the wallet, you can use ERC20, ETH or BNB tokens, as you want.

Members need to set their wallet

• In order for users to receive their reward, each of them will have to set their wallet with the command /setwallet [your_wallet]
Otherwise they will not be able to receive their rewards.

Reward your first member

• To reward a member use the command /reward [username of the member] [amount] you can also use /reward [wallet of the member] [amount]
How to exclude an admin from using the reward command ?
To exclude an admin use this command:
/excludeadmin @username


You know everything you need to know to configure the Reward feature, if you have a question feel free to ask it in our community chat!

Leaderboard feature:

Basically, it rewards the 10 most engaged users of your chat everyday - the rewards are automatically sent on-chain at midnight. You can reward your users in BNB, ETH, your own token, or any ERC20.

How to setup the Leaderboard feature ?

• Create the wallet of your telegram group with this command /setup

Set the smart-contract

Use the /settings command and click on: Open Chat in PMs
• Once the conversation with the bot is started, choose: 💎 Set reward native token
• Simply send the smart-contract of the token you wish to use to reward the winners of the leaderboard.
Send the smart-contract

Set an amount

• Come back to the telegram group and set the amount you want to give to the leaderboard winners with the command /updaterewards [amount]
/updaterewards [amount]

You need to transfer tokens

• You must transfer tokens to the wallet of the group you just created before, in order to be able to reward the leaderboard, otherwise it will not receive anything.

Get an overview of the leaderboard

• You can now use the command /leaderboard to know the ranking, the amount of token that the winners will share and the time remaining before the airdrop.
Overview of the leaderboard
How to update leaderboard rewards ?
You can update the leaderboard rewards with /settings , start the bot, then click:
Update leaderboard rewards
How to change rewards distribution interval ?
You can update rewards distribution interval with /settings, start the bot, then click:
Update rewards distribution interval
How to exclude a user from the leaderboard ?
To exclude a user from the leaderboard, you can use this command
/excludeleaderboard @username

Referral system:

Each user can have his own referral link and thus encourage his friends to join your community
How to use the referral system ?
  • The user must use the /getlink command to get his referral link.
  • In order for the user to be rewarded for their referral, the new user must speak at least twice during three days in the group for the referral to be counted as a valid referral.
  • You can use the /referral command to see how many users have been sponsored and how many have been validated.
You know everything you need to know about Mobula Bot (Telegram version). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord