Mobula Docs

The Mobula dApp

Mobula's dApp beta is already live on the main net: Let's take a look at the path that data takes through the application to be integrated into our database.

Data processing, decentralized

First, data is collected via a listing form (available on our dApp) - anyone can add information about a crypto-token.
Anyone? But then, the data could be corrupted and someone could put in something wrong, right?
Indeed! This is why the data is then sent to the processing pools where Mobula DAO members can validate or reject assets based on the quality of the data.
An example of a DAO decision (Beta v0.1)
The validated data is then added to Mobula's database.
Ok, but then, everything relies on the DAO members, right? If I'm part of the DAO, and I decide to create 1000 bot addresses to vote against a token because I don't like it, it will never be listed, right?
No, this is not possible. All addresses allowed to vote must be elected by the other DAO members (by a large majority). So it's not possible for one person to take control of the data like that.

Mobula's data integration, the virtuous circle

Now it's wise to ask if there is a market, if people really want change, if it all makes sense. Well, Mobula is currently being integrated on top-tier tools - DexScreener, LSR Finance and +30 crypto tools. Which means that if token creators want to have their logo and their website displayed on all those tools, they'll have to list their token on Mobula. And as more and more tokens will be listed on Mobula, our database will become bigger, and more tools will be interested in integrating us.
That's it for the short introduction to Mobula's dApp. Now, let's talk about Mobula's crypto-token : MOBL.