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Introducing Mobula's app

Introducing Mobula's app, used to analyze and interact with the Mobula ecosystem.
“Everyone should be able to access reliable data on any crypto-assets.” This was the trigger for the creation of Mobula. The desire for full access to reliable crypto-asset data, in a performant and interest-free way, for users and builders.

The full power of on-chain data

Always up-to-date
Access to the most reliable data directly on-chain and in real-time, for the majority of crypto-assets, is now real. What no other app can really offer to its users. To be able to offer such data, Mobula's core team decided not to rely on any external API (Bitquery, The Graph) to access on-chain data. The aggregation protocol listens to all the on-chain trades on 15+ EVM-compatible blockchains and updates the market metrics consequently.
EVM-compatible blockchains
The evolution of blockchain is constant, and so is the behavior of its users. Mobula does not limit itself and regularly proposes new blockchain support to always offer users the most accurate data.

Your compass in the DeFi

If you look in the same place as everyone else you won't find anything new. Mobula has put in place a powerful tool that allows you to do better research and see what others have not yet seen: “Advanced Search”.
"Advanced Search" is accessible directly from the homepage. As you can see, many search criteria are available.

Unlocking User experience

How to create an application that is affordable enough for new users and complete enough for experienced ones? The solution is to offer everyone the possibility to choose the user experience that corresponds to them and, above all, that they like.

Pro or Lite?

For many features, you will have the possibility to choose between Pro and Lite modes. As said above, this approach is motivated by the desire to offer everyone the user experience they need. Below you will find some examples of features with these two modes

Crypto-asset page

With the lite mode, you will find the essential information about the asset. It’s the default mode on all the asset pages. The Pro mode gives the most experienced user more information about an asset: trading view, StaySAFU score, social data...

Mobula DEX

Mobula DEX - Pro / Lite
The concept of Pro and Lite modes has also been implemented in the Mobula DEX! The Lite mode is the perfect solution for your needs if you want a simple interface with just two fields to fill in for your trade. You will also find a chart always to keep an eye on the market.
If you want the maximum information to make your choice, the Pro mode is the weapon you need.

Earn system

A fair earning system that allows any user to take part in the Mobula adventure. Several ways to earn MOBL tokens are available on the Earn page.
Whether by passively collecting your tokens every day or by inviting new users through your referral link you will be rewarded!
With Quests, you will discover through several missions, allowing you to discover the app from all angles and become an expert. Once all the tasks are completed you can mint your exclusive NFT Mobula!

You said DAO?

Governance DAO and Protocol DAO
Mobula is powered by two DAOs, Governance DAO, and Protocol DAO. On the one hand, we have Protocol DAO, which allows Mobulers (members of Protocol DAO) to moderate new crypto-asset listing requests. Protocol DAO allows Mobula to be the most efficient data aggregator on the market by having an exponential task force available at all times to moderate projects.
More about it in the Protocol DAO page.
On the other hand, we have Governance DAO, which allows Governors (members of Governance DAO) to submit and vote on resolutions. This DAO has given days to $veMOBL governance tokens, which is possible to have by staking MOBL.
More about it on the Governance DAO page.
You know everything you need to know about Mobula's app. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord