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DEX Page - Beginner tutorial

The DEX page is a central part of the Mobula ecosystem. It allows Mobula users to buy the crypto-assets of their choice, at the best price. It is a multi-chain DEX comparator. For each SWAP, the DEX will offer you the best available option, studying thousands of possibilities directly on-chain beforehand.

Use the DEX

Go to the page and enter the SWAP combination you want to achieve. The DEX will then propose you in less than 3 seconds the most optimal price found on the market. Exchange in a secure and decentralized way directly the crypto-asset of your choice and receive it in your wallet in a few seconds.

Mobula DEX in crypto-asset page

Find access to Mobula DEX directly on the crypto page of your crypto choice. There is no minimum amount. Validation by the system may take a few seconds.
Mobula DEX
NOTE: Look closely at the SWAP conversion chain.
You know everything you need to know about the DEX page. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask it on Telegram or Discord